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Captain Wonder & Tim Mulrooney
A Friend in Need

Captain Wonder

    Professor Jeff Jordan is in his secret laboratory showing his young friend Tim Mulrooney his new "wonder drug" which will increase human beings’ strength many times over. Accidentally dropping the vial containing the drug, the fumes from the ensuing explosion overcome Prof. Jordan and render him helpless, until Tim rescues him. The accident endows the professor with super strength, and Jeff decides that the best way to use this new power is in the cause of freedom and justice for all. Adopting the secret identity of Captain Wonder with Tim Mulrooney (see individual entry) as his sidekick, he puts his vast strength to the defense of his country, the U.S.A. However, Captain Wonder and Tim would only have two wonderful adventures against agents of evil before hanging up their uniforms.

Tim Mulrooney

    Visiting his friend Professor Jeff Jordan's secret laboratory, Tim Mulrooney was shown Prof. Jordan's latest discovery, a "wonder drug" that enhances the human body a hundred times over. Leaving his friend, Tim hears a great explosion. Rushing in, he sees Jeff overcome by fumes from a vial of the wonder drug that Jeff had accidentally dropped. Dragging out the unconscious Professor Jordan, Tim truly proves himself brave and gallant, not to mention a great friend. When Professor Jordan recovers, he finds that he has been endowed with super-human strength and stamina by the wonder drug. Unfortunately, all of the notes and the wonder drug itself were destroyed in the explosion. But the undaunted Jeff Jordan decides to use his great gifts as Captain Wonder. He and Tim have two adventures together, battling the menaces of America.


    Timely may have intended this less than dynamic duo to be the lead feature in Kid Komics. They were the cover feature for the first issue. But by the second issue, the Captain and Tim were playing second fiddle to the Young Allies, a kid gang headed by Bucky and Toro. By the third issue, the duo was gone for good. There have been no post-Golden Age appearances

    Captain Wonder’s origin story parallels Captain America’s very closely. A scientist is working on a formula which will give mankind superhuman strength; an accident occurs; the potion is destroyed but the hero gains special powers and a kid assistant. The differences are that the scientist is also the hero, and his young partner rescues him.

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Last Known Legal Copyright Holder:
Timely Comics (Marvel Comics Group Inc.) 1943
Kid Komics #'s 1 & 2
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Last Appearance: Summer 1943

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